Yes. Email us for a quote & availability. We can work on a framework of moves to get you through a wedding or other special event. Its useful if you also attend the weekly classes to provide a foundation.

Email us and fill in your details on your first class.

Yes, you can join the class at any time. Please arrive in good time and enrol with us. It tends to be easier to join at the start of a new term.

Flat shoes or trainers and loose comfortable clothing . Bring along a hand towel and some water.

We cover many dances and normally cover 3-4 dances a night. We build on your knowledge in increments with each dance. We cover Kalamatianos, Syrtos, Kybriako Varetos (Koftos), Zembekiko (Varetos), Sousta, Hasabikos, Pentozalis, Zonorathikos, Zorba/Sytaki, Ikarotikos and many, many more

Normally in the region of 12 – 30 per class. However we split into smaller groups of ability

Over 18. No age limit however you WILL be expected to take part in all energetic dances. (so you should be reasonably fit)

No. This is a teaching group and not a performing one. However with coaching we can help you perform at your own event and perhaps as you make friends at the class they may join in.

Yes the lessons will help you get through your wedding day. Our advice will be to give yourself enough time to learn for your big day (don’t leave it until the last week!). However please be aware that the the classes are not exclusively wedding dances.

No. The lessons are in English, however we do count in Greek. It would be useful to understand counting in Greek from one to twelve.

Yes you can, however it will be more useful to take part. Students in the class may feel uncomfortable being watched.

Yes, however please do so before the class starts or at the end of the class. Obviously we cannot have these discussions while we are running the class!