Tuesday Class

If you are learning to dance for your wedding, come along to learn something a bit different that will really impress your guests! Or simply master a framework of basic moves to just to get through the day.

Our Greek dancing classes welcome all abilities and beginners are very welcome to attend, however some dance classes can be quite demanding so students should be reasonably fit and in good health.

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  1. Dance class has really helped me, I’ve learned quite a few dances and my confidence has improved also. Teachers are really good, extremely helpful and very patient. Look forward to our weekly classes, have also meet a bunch of lovely people along the way, highly recommended.

  2. I attend this class with my mother and fiance and we all love it! The teachers are so patient and friendly, always going over each dance enough times for everyone to pick them up. Lessons are really enjoyable and a great way to keep fit.

  3. I loved going to this class, before I moved to Cyprus! Great atmosphere, with a great bunch of people and top teachers. From beginner, to advanced, anyone interested in Greek dancing should get themselves down to the class! Wishing everyone and the team well! Obas!!!

  4. warm atmosphere , great teachers! I was always fascinated by Greek dance in many occasion. I am glad that I joined this group 🙂 filakia

  5. Thanks for a great class, love the dances and the music and you cater for all of us well, including me with a bad memory. Thanks again, lots of fun.

  6. I am very, very pleased to take dance class at Fengari School of Greek Dancing. Teacher is very professional, I think you’re the best teacher. I will strongly recommend Fengari School of Greek Dancing .

  7. A friendly, fun and supportive group with lots of laughs along the way. You learn at your own pace and confidence grows week by week.

  8. Great class with friendly and nice teachers who not only helped me learn my favourite dances but have given me the confidence to get up at weddings and parties and dance the night away! I’ve also made some good friends along the way.

  9. A good fun class with a good bunch of people. It was easy to join in and I learnt quite a few dances to use for when I am out with my Greek friends.

  10. I used to envy the show offs who could do all the Greek dancing at weddings and dinner and dances! Now I?m the show off. Flicks and kicks! #obas Great at your own pace learning and everyone is sooo helpful & friendly! #recommend

  11. I used to love watching the dancing at weddings when I was a kid, but didn’t know how to dance. Now I do!
    The classes are great fun and you meet lovely people. Thanks.

  12. These dance classes helped me with my confidence to dance in front of my guests at my wedding. Highly recommended. Great fun and a sociable class. OBAS…

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